Collection: For the Stained Glass Beginner | Recommended Tools & Supplies

Congratulations on starting your journey in glass! Art glass is an amazing material which will soothe your creative soul and keep your mind engaged and your hands busy.

In this collection you will find a brief listing of the recommended items you need to work safely at home.

Please note that this listing is not complete and more choices are available in several categories. Please browse the following collections for further information: Grinders, Saws & AccessoriesCutters, Pliers & ToolsCopper Foil & Accessories; and Chemicals.
Not sure what to choose?? Sign up for a Stained Glass Beginners Workshop, and all will be explained, as you create a charming and unique-to-you stained glass suncatcher.

Please keep in mind that many of these items will last for a long time (grinders are workhorses), come with warranty (grinders, soldering irons), or have parts that are readily replaceable when worn. Your investment in quality tools will reward you during their long working lives.

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